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The estimated population of Martinique is today of 436.000 inhabitants, for an average density of 228 inhabitants by Km² (in 2006). Composed primarily of blacks or half-caste (nearly 80 %),  originating from Africa, coming from the guinean coasts for the needs of the sugar cane culture during the XVIIth and XVIIIth century.

The principal cities are: Fort-de-France, the capital, Lamentin, and Schoelcher.

The martinique society testifies of the long interbreeding of various human groups. This diversity of the population results in the existence of a coloured folklore, popularized in Europe and North America by groups of dancers and singers.
The martinique personality is also enhanced by the coloured and often spiced cooking which mixes the French, African, Spanish and Asian influences.
The majority of Martinique inhabitants are catholics. Other
religious communities are however present: Adventist church, Jéhovah Witnesses, etc...